About Craster Home

Craster Home was started by the Craster family, who hail from the village of Craster in Northumberland and fell in love with the authenticity of intelligently-designed home and hospitality furnishings. Their journey with a passion for making extraordinary rituals from everyday items translates into our distinctive design DNA.

Our Origins


Trading with global luxury hospitality since 1992, our collections are inspired by almost 30 years of travel, work and play amongst discerning designers. We create subtle, refined elements for the home and hospitality designs that stay true to the materials used that in turn create unique impressions of what it means to be at home.

An independent company, our team of Brits, Americans and Europeans can be found in Notting Hill, London, where we design every element of our collection. Our makers are based in the UK and Europe.


Our Ecology


Working with sustainable and cherished materials like authentic Mediterranean olive wood and American black walnut is not just a passion. We believe that care for renewable sources is as important as delighting in what we craft from them, so our approach is to care for the environment with ever more attention. 

Our unique origins in hospitality lend to our ecological commitments. Designed for lasting use in leading hotels across the globe, every Craster Home purchase is an heirloom in the making that generations of your family can depend on for timeless style and everlasting function. Our products are sustainable creations in material and stand up to the rigors of constant use.


Cheers from London,

Craster Home