Black Aeroply Frites Pot

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Made from sustainable aeroply, these black pots are fabulous for grissini and nibbles as part of your bar or for steak fries during dinner.

Available in two sizes.

Material Information
This item is made from Birch with a Black Lacquer finish.

Cleaning & Maintenance
Timber products should not be placed in the dishwasher.
Clean with a non-abrasive cloth using a mild detergent.
Rinse under running water to remove all detergent.
Dry by wiping off excess water with a towel, and leave to fully dry in a rack.

DO NOT clean in the dishwasher.
DO NOT use abrasive scourers or cleaning products as this will damage the lacquer coating.
DO NOT leave to soak in water.
DO NOT use under Heat Lamps.
DO NOT use on hot plate.