Black Satin Pot

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With their black finish and bevelled base, these elegant pots are ideal for crafting a tapas dinner at home or giving ice screeam scoops a decadent home.

Available in four sizes, the dishwasher-safe pots can also be used on their own or together for meals or as plant pots and pen catchers.

Material Information
This item is made from food grade stainless steel, with an external PVD coating. PVD is a durable coating.

Cleaning & Maintenance
Stainless Steel and PVD are suitable for use in a dishwasher, however for best results we recommend washing by hand.
Wash with mild soap, water and a soft cloth.
Dry thouroughly after washing.

DO NOT use abrasive scourers on this product.
DO NOT use any cleaning agents designed to remove tarnish/rust such as acidic or caustic agents or bleach.