Porcelain and Walnut Pot Set

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Perfect for olives and hummus or condiment selection, this set is lovely at any dinner table or bar.

Material Information - Walnut
This item is made from solid walnut with a Mineral Oil finish.

Cleaning & Maintenance - Walnut
Timber products should not be placed in the dishwasher.
Clean with a non-abrasive cloth using soap.
Rinse under running water to remove all detergent.
Dry by wiping off excess water with a towel, and leave to fully dry in a rack with the end grain exposed until fully dry -
do not stack this item until dry.
This product should be re-oiled on a regular basis to maintain the natural walnut.
We recommend using Craster Mineral oil.
This product should be re-oiled as soon as it begins to feel dry.

Caution - Walnut
DO NOT clean in the dishwasher.
DO NOT leave to soak in water.
DO NOT use under Heat Lamps.
DO NOT use on hot plate.
Caution - strong coloured foods may stain oiled wood - use greaseproof paper for protection.

Material Information - Porcelain
This item is made from vitrifed porcelain, with a food safe glazed finish.

Cleaning & Maintenance - Porcelain
This product is suitable for use in the dishwasher.
This product can be used in the microwave.

Caution - Porcelain
DO NOT use abrasive scourers on this product as they will potentially damage the glazed finish.