Walnut Stand

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Luscious walnut with chamfered edges are perfect details for open sandwiches or elevated pizzas.

Available in two sizes.

Material Information
This item is made from solid walnut with a Mineral Oil finish.

Cleaning & Maintenance
Timber products should not be placed in the dishwasher.
Clean with a non-abrasive cloth using soap.
Rinse under running water to remove all detergent.
Dry by wiping off excess water with a towel, and leave to fully dry in a rack with the end grain exposed until fully dry -
do not stack this item until dry.
This product should be re-oiled on a regular basis to maintain the natural walnut.
We recommend using Craster Mineral oil.
This product should be re-oiled as soon as it begins to feel dry.

DO NOT clean in the dishwasher.
DO NOT leave to soak in water.
DO NOT use under Heat Lamps.
DO NOT use on hot plate.
Caution - strong coloured foods may stain oiled wood - use greaseproof paper for protection.